World Class Electric Motor Manufacturer

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101 Reliance Road – Kings Mountain, NC 28086


4 – Day Auction: Monday, October 11th – Thursday, October 14th @ 9:00 A.M. EDT



Wednesday, October 6th - Friday, October 8th and

Monday, October 11th – Thursday, October 14th from 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. EDT


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World Class Electric Motor Manufacturer Including:


Large Capacity CNC Machining & Turning Centers

  • (2) OKUMA LB45III Large Capacity CNC Turning Centers with Y-Axis & Milling, mfg.2015
  • OKUMA VTM-100 40" CNC Vertical Turning Center with Milling, mfg.2006
  • OKUMA Millac 1000VH 5-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center, mfg.2008
  • DOOSAN Puma Model 480XL CNC Turning Center, mfg.2013
  • DOOSAN Puma Model 700L CNC Turning Center, mfg.2008
  • YOUJI VTL-1200ATC-II 47" CNC Vertical Boring Mill, mfg.2012
  • YOUJI YV-1200ATC 47" CNC Vertical Boring Mill, mfg.2010
  • NIIGATA HN63D CNC Horizontal Machining Center, mfg.2012
  • NIIGATA HN80D CNC Horizontal Machining Center with CHIP BLASTER TSC, mfg.2012
  • NIIGATA HN130D CNC Horizontal Machining Center with CHIP BLASTER TSC, mfg.2009
  • TOYODA FA-800 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, mfg.2000
  • OLYMPIA V50 CNC Vertical Turning Lathe, mfg.2001
  • FEMTECH FV-80 CNC Vertical Machining Center, mfg.2001
  • G&L Orion Premier 1000 CNC Horizontal Machining Center with 6-Pallet Shuttle System
  • KEARNEY & TRECKER DATA-MILL-700 CNC Horizontal Shaft Milling Machine


General CNC & Manual Machining

  • ** JUST ADDED ** (2) SCHULER Tandem Press Lines, 300 Ton & 100 Ton Presses with Integrated Transfer and Feed Lines, mfg.1982
  • HAAS VF5/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center, mfg.2005
  • HAAS SL-30B CNC Lathe, mfg.2005
  • GANESH GT-2078 CNC Lathe
  • WEILER E110X4500 CNC Lathe, mfg.2004
  • DOOSAN PUMA 300LB CNC Turning Center
  • G&L SHEFFIELD Cordax Apollo III RS-280 CMM with 62" x 110" Table, PCDEMIS Software
  • PHILLIPS Gun Drill with Approx. 108” Stroke, 2” Capacity
  • TOS 63C Engine Lathe with MTECH DROII-2L 2-Axis DRO
  • LEBLOND 25” Heavy Duty Engine Lathe with 2-Axis DRO
  • LEBLOND Engine Lathe
  • LEBLOND 3220 HEAVY DUTY Engine Lathe with NEWALL DP700 DRO
  • YAMAZAKI MAZAK Engine Lathe
  • MITTS & MERRILL 6HFR-KS Keyseater with ACU-RITE 2-Axis DRO
  • MAXIMART 41V CNC Vertical Milling Machine with TRACTOOLS 3-Axis DRO, mfg. 2014
  • BRIDGEPORT Series 1 2-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine
  • EX-CELL-O Vertical Milling Machine
  • LUCAS Model 42B-60 Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill with NEWALL 3-Axis DRO & HD Tooling
  • BULLARD 56” Hi-Column Vertical Boring Mill with NEWALL 2-Axis DRO
  • BULLARD 54” High Column Vertical Boring Mill with 2-Axis TRAK DRO, Pendant Control
  • BULLARD 46” Vertical Boring Mill with NEWALL 2-Axis DRO
  • G&L 84” Vertical Boring Mill
  • G&L 60” Vertical Boring Mill
  • CARLTON 5’ Radial Arm Drill
  • AMERICAN HOLE WIZARD 4’ Radial Arm Drill
  • MEUSER 4’ Radial Arm Drill
  • TOOL CRIB Consisting of Vidmar Style Cabinets with Contents Including Perishable Tooling (Some Carbide), Machine Parts & Accessories, Vibration Probes, Chuck Collets & Jaws, Saws & Saw Blades, Hand Tools, Grinding Wheels, Flammable Cabinets, HUOT Toolboxes, Shelves & Cabinets, Perishable Tooling, Lifting Straps, Safety Equipment, etc.

CNC Plasma Burner, Fabrication, Welding Equipment & Robotic Cells

  • MESSER TITAN 11’ X 24’ CNC HD Plasma Burning Machine with Slagger, Vacuum Lift, HYPERFORMANCE PLASMA HPR260XD Plasma Unit, mfg.2016
  • CINCINNATI 230CB X 10’ CNC Press Brake with HURCO Autobend Back Gauge
  • WEBB RSL-7504 4’ 2” X 3/8” 3-Roll Plate Bending Roll         
  • WEBB 7L-9006 6’ 2” X ½” 3-Roll Plate Bending Roll
  • WEBB BR504 48” X 8GA 3-Roll Plate Bending Roll
  • HANNIFIN 125-SPEC 125-Ton C-Frame Press
  • AMADA H-3013 120” x ½” Hydraulic Shear
  • (2) PIRHANA P50 Ironworkers
  • W.A. WHITNEY 608-049 10-Ton Punch
  • STRIPPIT 113040-236CFJM Hydraulic Punch Cell with NEWALL DP700 DRO, STRIPPIT Punch & Die Grinder
  • CLAUSING C12AX Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, mfg.2006
  • STARTRITE Vertical Band Saw
  • ABB Hermetic Robotic Cell Consisting of ABB Robot Welder Model IRB1600 M2004, mfg.2013, ABB LAC Robot Stator, PRESTON-EASTIN 60” Lift Table, ROBOVENT, & MILLER Welders
  • ABB Robot Welding Cell Consisting of ABB Robot Welder Type LRB2600 M2004, mfg.2004, MILLER Auto-Axcess 450 DI Welder, mfg.2019, KEMPONIC 3500S Portable Welder, CONRITAB Frame Stacker with Scissor Lift & Rail Car Support
  • HEATH ENGINEERING Panograph Burner
  • HOBART/PANDJIRIS 8’ x 8’ MANIP Sub Arc Welding Cell
  • KOIKE ARONSON HD45A 5,000lb. Capacity Welding Positioner & Table
  • ARONSON HD45A 5,000lb. Welding Positioner
  • DM&E Power Turning Rolls
  • 6.3 Ton Power Turning Rolls
  • AVANT 800 ATS Punch, Press, Notch, TRIM 2070 Watt Cutting Machine with SRL Head Unit, NORGREN Frame Welder, Granite Base, Mfg. 2000
  • Welding Cells Consisting of ARONSON Welding Positioner Model HD60A, LINCOLN ELECTRIC 455M Welder, Approx. 5’ x 8’ Welding Table, (4) HYPERTHERM Powermax 1250 G3 Series Plasma Cutters, (2) LINCOLN ELECTRIC Hanging Powerfeed 10M, Approx. 3’ x 5’ Acorn Welding Table, CAYUGA 3,000lb. Capacity Welding Positioner, LINCOLN ELECTRIC Squarewave 175 Tig Welder, (4) LINCOLN ELECTRIC Powerwave Welders, LINCOLN ELECTRIC Hanging Wire Powerfeed, LINCOLN ELECTRIC 84 Wire Powerfeed, (2) ARONSON Welding Positioner Model HD45A, (2) WELDSALE Approx. 5’ X 10’ Welding Table, ARONSON Welding Positioner Model SHD240A, LINCOLN ELECTRIC Squarewave 375 Tig Welder With Cooling System, FRED JR. Fume Extractor, PROFESSIONAL THERMAL DYNAMICS Master 101 Cutting System, WELDSALE Approx. 4’ x 4’ Welding Table, Tank Turning Rolls, Welder Tooling & Accessories, etc.
  • Additional Fabrication & Welding Equipment Including MILLER Trailblazer Generator, Assorted MILLER & LINCOLN Welders, Portable Saws, BALDOR Grinders, Approx. 4’ X 4’ Welding Table, Drill Presses, Hardness Testers, Press Brake Dies, Perishable Tooling, Punch Dies, Hand Tools, Micrometers, & Inspection Equipment etc., Mechanical Vacuum Lifter, OS WALKER Magnet, BRADLEY 20,000lb. Separator, Rigging Stands With Chains & Lifting Straps, Flammable Cabinets, Oxy/Acetylene Carts & More!

CNC & Manual Grinders

  • LANDIS Large Capacity CNC Cylindrical Grinder with ALLEN BRADLEY Panel View Plus Control
  • LANDIS Cylindrical Grinder with Microfeed Table
  • DANOBAT RP-2500-H-CNC Cylindrical OD Grinder
  • MATTISON Large Capacity Reciprocating Table Surface Grinder with DIGI-MATT Series III Control
  • CHEVALIER FSG-1632AD Surface Grinder

Presses & Notching Machines

  • Press Line Consisting of MINSTER 300-Ton Hevistamper Press with LITTEL Model No.438-7PD Straightening Machine, LITTEL Reel Uncoiler Model E2-300-60-48
  • Press Line Consisting of MINSTER 150-Ton Flywheel Press with LITTEL No.90 Reel Uncoiler
  • Press Line Consisting of OAK PRESS Model 54¾ X 27 with COIL HANDLING EQUIPMENT Reel Uncoiler
  • SCHULER OTF-12 12 Ton Hydraulic C-Frame Press
  • STNHOJ 25T.SPEC 25 Ton Coil Press
  • (5) Automatic Indexing Notching Cells Consisting of:
  • V&O C-Frame Punch Press Separator, WEINGARTEN NK8 Notcher, C-Frame Punch
  • V&O C-Frame Punch Press Separator, SCHULER N-8 Notcher, C-Frame Punch
  • SCHULER Model HSSP 63*1,2*XC Shaft Hole Blank Press, mfg.1998, SCHULER Rotor Notcher, mfg.1999, SCHULER Stator Notcher, mfg.1999, Blank Destacking Station, Blank Orienting Station, Stator Marking Station, Keyway Punching Station, Stator Stacking Station, PRAB Chip Conveyor, SCHULER CNC Controls
  • SCHULER Model N20N Press, SCHULER Punch, PRAB Chip Conveyor, Full Enclosure, SCHULER CNC Controls, mfg.2001
  • GRAEBNER Type GIP 71 A6 with Full Enclosure, 3-Way Pallet Pull System, Chip Conveyor, ABB CNC Control
  • Manual Notching Cell Consisting of (1) V&O Notcher, (1) POSITECH Notcher With Programmable Control, Chip Conveyor
  • SCHULER Manual Notcher


Ovens, VPI & Furnaces, Blast & Wash Cabinets, Paint Booths & Dust Collectors

  • GFS Industrial Paint Booth Model IDBG-140912-CR-S with GREENHECK Filtration System Model QEI-27-1-100, Mfg. 2012
  • GFS Industrial Paint Booth Model IDBG-090812-CR-S with GREENHECK Filtration System Model QEI-27-1-100, Mfg. 2012
  • Paint Booth with Single Gun, Open Enclosure
  • BINKS Paint Booth
  • RED DEVIL Speed Demon 5 Paint Shaker
  • WISCONSIN OVEN CORP. Model Batch-3.5/11.5/7.25-G4 Natural Gas-Powered Car Bottom Reband Cure Oven With 392⁰F Max. Temperature
  • WISCONSIN OVEN CORP. Model Batch-6/9/10-G4/Powered Car Frame Natural Gas-Powered Bake Oven With 392⁰F Max. Temperature
  • KROFIAN Car Bottom Electric Bake Cell with Frame Dip Tank, IMPREX PCS-500 Pneu Chill Refrigerated Water Chiller
  • VPI Furnaces Including (4) WSF VPI Furnaces & (6) IMPREX VPI Furnaces, Models As Late As 2010
  • GRIEVE AB-850 Electric Oven
  • EV Electric Oven With 850⁰F Max. Temp.
  • HENKEL Model K-200 Oven
  • Heat Treat Department Consisting of (2) BAYCO HD Furnaces & (4) Other HD Furnaces, (2) Buffing/Grinding Stations, GRIEVE HD Oven & (4) Other HD Ovens, (2) VPI Furnaces with Submerged Tank, Pall Dryer
  • BLAST-IT-ALL Model 4848-9P-RPJH2 Blast Cabinet with Dust Collector, Late Model
  • VIKING 56" Vertical Shot Blast Cabinet with Dust Collector, Late Model
  • ADF SYSTEM Electric Wash Booth Model 4472
  • PUREWASH SYSTEMS Tekusolv II Wash Cabinet
  • TRINCO Double Blast Cabinet Model 48/400PT with TRINCO Dry Blast Unit                                
  • (2) DONALDSON TORRIT Downflo Evolution Dust Collectors Model DFE3-24    
  • (2) DONALDSON TORRIT Downflo Evolution Dust Collectors Model DFE4-16                            
  • DONALDSON TORRIT Dust Collector Model DFE3-18
  • VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS Dust Collector Model SFC6-3
  • MICROAIR Model CPF-150 RP Series Dust Collector
  • DONALDSON TORIT VS-550 Dust Collector
  • CHRHSTAVA Dust Collector


Armature Balance & Winding Machines

  • SCHENCK BRU 0002 CNC Armature Balancing Machine Type HA5UB with Enclosed Operator Station
  • HOFMAN Balancing Stand
  • FANUC R-2000IB/1256 Robot Automatic Taping Machine
  • CALDWELL 10-Ton Coil Upender
  • PEERLESS DJ Universal Multi-Purpose Armature Lathe with Armature Rail Cars & Drive Unit, MAGPOWER Digitrac Digital Tension Readout Control
  • Turn & Undercutter Lathe with CAM INNOVATIONS 2939 Deburr Attachment
  • STOREBRO BRUK S14AL Cutoff Lathe
  • (2) MICAFIL MW115 Lathe/Positioners With 30” Face Plates, Tailstocks
  • Complete Armature Winding Facility Including EZIO SELVA SPIRAFORM 2,500, mfg.2001, (3) MICAMATION CNC Tape Winder, SPIREX WIND 2000, mfg.2001, PRJ HDWS-3 Skinner, TRS Armature Setup Station, Armature Coil Winder with Dereeler, (3) SOMATIC Coil Winders, SOMATIC Armature Winding Cell, (2) Motor Winding Lines, KIPCO 5050 Armature Bender, Rebanding Machine, BALDOR-RELIANCE Motor Magnetic Center Line, GEO STEVENS MANUFACTURING CO. 1510 Coil Wind Machine Stabs, DC Coil Former, CAM INNOVATIONS Wire Cutter & Stripper with AIRFLOW SYSTEMS Dust Collector, (3) DM&E Hermetic Wind Stands, (2) CONRITAB Coil Insert Machines with MARCO Lift Tables, & More!


Motor Test Equipment

  • PHENIX MTS2000R2 Motor Test Equipment, Auto Transformer, mfg.2003
  • 5,000 HP Dynomometer Dual Motor Test Stand, AC/DC
  • (3) 2,500 HP Dynomometer Dual Motor Test Stands, AC/DC
  • 1,000 HP Dynomometer Motor Test Stand, AC/DC
  • 500 HP Dynomometer Motor Test Stand, AC/DC
  • 60 HP Dynomometer Motor Test Stand, AC/DC
  • (2) SEISMIC MASS Motor Test Stands with HIPOT & PHENIX Test Equipment
  • RECO BC Special Induction Bearing Heater
  • BENTLY NEVADA Signal Equipment, PRUFTECHNIK, STARTALIGN, YOKOGAWA & Other Motor Test Equipment

Cranes & Rolling Stock

  • 6-Post Free Standing Overhead Bridge Crane with (1) ENGINEERED SYSTEMS 3-Ton Hoist (1) ENGINEERED SYSTEMS 2-Ton Hoist & (1) ENGINEERED SYSTEMS 15-Ton Hoist
  • CAROLINA MATERIAL HANDLING 2-Ton 4-Post Freestanding Overhead Bridge Crane         
  • (2) CLEVELAND TRAM RAIL Freestanding Overhead Bridge Cranes with 5-Ton EASTERN CRANE Hoists
  • (6) ABELL-HOWE 5-Ton Single-Leg Portable Cranes with Rail and Buss
  • P&H 1-Ton Jib Crane                    
  • COFFING 1-Ton Jib Crane           
  • CLEVELAND BEACON PRODUCTION CO. 2-Ton Jib Crane with COFFING Hoist                   
  • ABELL-HOWE ½-Ton Jib Crane
  • SPECTRUM ½-Ton Jib Crane
  • More than 35 TOYOTA, HYSTER, YALE, CROWN, CLARK & Other LP & Electric Forklifts up to 9,000lbs. Capacity, Narrow Isle Forklifts, NAUTILUS Floor Scrubbers, TEREX Boom Trucks, Utility Carts, Additional Jib Cranes & More!


Electrical, Maintenance & Plant Support Equipment, Air Compressors, Pallet Racking, etc.

  • KARDEX REMSTAR SHUTTLE-XP-500-2450X864-US Programmable Parts Tower, mfg.2013
  • REMSTAR SHUTTLE-500-1850 x 863-NT Programmable Parts Tower, mfg. 2003
  • KARDEX REMSTAR SHUTTLE-XP-500-2450X864-VS Programmable Parts Tower
  • CUMMINS Onan Genset Air Compressor
  • KAESER DS 201 Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • INGERSOLL RAND NVC1600A40N Air Dryer Model
  • JOY Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • 470+ Sections of 3 & 4-Tiered Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
  • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Including (2) P&J ELECTRONICS TC20 High-Frequency Surge Testers, P&J ELECTRONICS 9020 Surge Testers, DANFOSS AUTOMATION VT Drive, (2) RELIANCE ELECTRIC Engineered VS Drive Units, (2) RELIANCE ELECTRIC VS Drives, BALDOR Line Regen Vector Drive, HI-POTRONICS 730-40 HV Test Transformer Unit, 480V / 30KV @ 40KVA, HI-POTRONICS Hi-Voltage Testing Machine, SQUARE D Transformer 3,000 KVA, mfg.2011, (4) SQUARE D Primary & Secondary Disconnects, (3) CUTLER HAMMER 480V Transformers With Switchgears, (2) CONTROL TRANSFORMER CORP. 480V Transformers, (2) ALLEN BRADLEY 460V Transformers, FEDERAL PACIFIC 36B 460V Transformer, SQUARE D Test Transformer 13,200 HV 480/277, 60HZ, mfg.2011, FEDERAL PIONEER Power Transformer 605KVA, FEDERAL PIONEER Power Transformer 8000/10000, 2500 KVA Transformer, FEDERAL PIONEER Power Transformer 2325 PROV.3767, RELIANCE ELECTRIC MG Test Set B with (1) 500 HP Drive Motor, (1) 1,200 HP Drive Motor, (1) 1,500 HP KATO AC Motor & (1) 1,250 KVA Generator, MG Test Set A with (1) 3,000 HP IDEAL Drive Motor, SN:319770 , IDEAL 5,000 KVA AC Generator, Type SA, 2,500 HP RELIANCE ELECTRIC Motor, THERMAL TRANSFER PRODUCTS Heat Exchanger Model RM-08-42, Cooling Tower with Switchgear, etc.
  • COMPLETE MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Including Maintenance Supplies & Repair Equipment, Hand Tools, Shelving Units, Wire Spools, Electrical Parts, Repair, & Test Equipment, Mag Base Drills, Inspection Cameras & Equipment, Saws, Cylinder Hones, Large Assortment of Hand Tools, Chains, Belts, Lifting Straps, Large Selection of Electric Motors, Pumps, Spare Machine Parts, Portable MONTECZUMA Toolboxes, Maintenance Ladders, Steel Racks, Arbor Presses, Arbor Pins, Heat Guns, Test Equipment, Chains & Lifting Straps, Drill Presses, Spot Welders, etc.             
  • COMPLETE MANUFACTURING FACILITY with Additional Equipment Including Large Quantity of Storage Racks, KURT & Other Vises, Vidmar & Lista Style Cabinets, Tool Carts, #40 & #50 Taper Tool Holders, Perishable Tooling, HD Tools, BTA Drills, Collets, Lathe Tool Holders, Pallets, Chucks & Chuck Jaws, Lathe Centers, Inserts, Digital & Manual Micrometers, Vernier & Other Calipers, Digital Height & Other Gauges, SCIENTEMP Freezers, MAGNAFLUX Demagnetizer, Assorted Granite Plates, Rigging Stands With Chains & Lifting Straps, Hydrotest Station, SPERONI KPT Programmable Tool Presetter, ELCO & Other Tool Presetters, Knack Job Boxes, BUSHMAN 3,000lb. Capacity Separator, CASTON III 7.5 Ton Hoist & Scale, BALDOR Double End Grinders & Belt Sanders, JOY Water Tester, LIFT A LOFT 600lb. Capacity Lift, Pressure Testers, Lube/Oil Dispensing Tower, RIGID Portable Pipe Threaders, PORTACOOL Fans, POWERMATIC & Other Drill Presses, Dump Hoppers, STRONGHOLD, PROTO & Other Cabinets, Toolboxes, LEXSECO 2125 Core Loss Tester, ADVANCE HYDRAULIC Lift Tables, FLEXITEMP Induction Unit, Digital Floor Scales, & MUCH MORE!

ABB Auction Photos:

Auction Details for ABB Auction:

First-time registrants - in order to bid for this auction, you MUST HAVE

1)  A Deposit, 25% of expected purchases or $1,000 minimum, 



Deposit can be made by either:

- Wire Transfer (for wire instructions, call our office 513/738-3311 or email,

- ACH link=ACH Authorization OR mail a check payable to Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc. - PO Box 369, Ross, OH 45061

  • 18% Buyer's Premium  (will be added to bid price)


Removal of Purchases:

  • Removal Starts the next morning and on all weekdays from 8AM to 5PM.
  • Last day for removal is Friday, 11/12/2021.


  • Anyone, either a buyer or rigger, who uses a powered vehicle to remove anything from the auction site, will need a certificate of insurance. 


Certificate of Insurance:

Holder ABB Motors & Mechanical Inc.

 RE: (site address)

Additional Insured: ABB Motors and Mechanical, Inc., landlord, Premises Owner, Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc., Asset Sales, Inc., and Aaron Industrial Solutions

  •  RE: (auction site address) 


General Liability - $1,000,000 each occurrence 

$2,000,000 General Aggregate 

Business Auto - $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit


Available Riggers:

Industrial Services & Sales (251) 517-4002 (office)

Terry Wilson (704) 214-2732 (cell)

Adair's Rigging & Transport (479) 388-9424

Joseph Adair

Beck & Pollitzer USA (864) 541-0574 (office)

  • Edwin Cantrell (864) 680-9799 (cell)

Site Supervisor:

  • TBA


Auction License Number: North Carolina: Lance Mannion 6003 and Asset Sales, Inc. 6625